Bäst just nu - Extreme metal

Machine Head - Choke on the Ashes of Your Hate
Destruction - Diabolical
Mors Principium Est - Valley of Sacrifice, Pt 1 (re-recorded)
Kreator - Strongest of the Strong
Lamb Of God - Wake Up Dead (feat. Megadeth)
Meshuggah - The Abysmal Eye
Abbath - Dream Cull
Eucharist - I am the Void
Dark Funeral - Let the Devil In
Agathodaimon - Ain't Death Grand
Airacobra - Nailed to the Thieves Cross
Midnight - Szex Witchery
Vio-Lence - Flesh from Bone
Deserted Fear - Part of the End
Crowbar - Chemical Godz
Annihilator - Downright Dominate (re-recorded)
Immolation - Apostle
Lunar Blood - Wrath March
Amon Amarth - Put Your Back into the Oar
Schizophrenia - Inside the Walls of Madness
Karmanjaka - Ancient Aeon
Mass Worship - Portal Tombs
Vicious Knights - They Cast No Shadow
Desolate Grave - Nezariy
Wraith - Disgusting


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