Bäst just nu - Extreme metal

Suicidal Angels - When the Lions Die
Messiah - Christus Hypercubus
Morta Skuld - We Rise We Fall
Job For A Cowboy - The Agony Seeping Storm
Austrian Death Machine - No Pain No Gain
Darkest Hour - Perpetual Terminal
Gatecreeper - Caught in the Treads
Ihsahn - Twice Born
Nulled - Embracing the Darkness
Vanir - One Man Army
Kittie - Eyes Wide Open
Imminence - Continuum
Infected Rain - Dying Light
F.K.Ü. - The Horror and the Metal
Hulder - Hearken the End
Necrowretch - Ksar Al-Kufar
Persefone - One Word
Hiraes - We Owe No One
Blood Red Throne - Ode to the Obscene
Baest - Colossus
Xion - Death Cap
Upon Stone - Paradise Failed
Alluvial - Bog Dweller
Suicide Circle - The Highest Spheres
Master's Call - Blood on the Altar


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