Bäst just nu - Melodiös hårdrock

Shoreline - Needles
Craneium - The Sun
Mick Mars - Undone
Dust Bolt - Little Stone
Ström - En Orkan På Vår Sida
Illumishade - Cloudreader
Art Of Anarchy - Echo Your Madness
The Obsessed - Realize a Dream
Bokassa - All Out of Dreams
Crazy Lixx - Sword and Stone
Takida - Sickening
Smoking Snakes - We are Alive
Revolution Saints - Changing My Mind
Beasto Blanco - Run for Your Life
The Warning - S!ck
Striker - Give It All
Kemikalfire - The Drop
Mustasch - Because of You
Thundermother - Speaking of the Devil
Dymytry - Wake Me Up (Before We Die)
Lucifer - Fallen Angel
The Gems - Undiscovered Paths
Alkaline Trio - Blood, Hair and Eyeballs
Mortemia - Eyes of the Viper (feat. Margarita Monet)
Green Day - The American Dream is Killing Me
Gotus - Take Me to the Mountain
Magnum - The Seventh Darkness
Smash Into Pieces - Trigger
Dominum - Hey Living People
Symphony Of Sweden - Exit - When There's Nowhere Else to Run


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