Bäst just nu - Extreme metal

Deicide - Bury the Cross...With Your Christ
Frostbite Orckings - We Navigate
Brand Of Sacrifice - Purge
Cryptosis - Master of Life
Dimmu Borgir - Black Metal
Ektomorf - I'm Your Last Hope (The Rope Around Your Neck)
Orbit Culture - While We Serve
Oro - Treriksröset
Aggression - Circus of Deception
Equilibrium - Cerulean Skies
Burden Of Grief - Fevered Dreams
The Halo Effect - The Defiant One
Celeste - Plisse Les Yeux Jusqu'au Sang
Bewitcher - Manifesting Darkness
Sadus - It's the Sickness
Bleed From Within - Overthrone
Night Crowned - De Namnlösa (feat. Jens Rydén)
The Ghost Inside - Death Grip
Vended - Am I the Only One
Mephorash - I am


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