Spotify-lista v.03 - Sverige 2012

Bloodbound - Son of Babylon
Bullet - Midnight Oil
Candlemass - Prophet
Casablanca - Love and Desperation
Cloudscape - Silver Ending
Corroded - More Than You Can Chew
Crazy Lixx - Riot Avenue
Crucified Barbara - Rock Me Like the Devil
Daemonicus - A Dead Work of Art
Dynazty - Come Alive
Eclipse - Take Back the Fear
Engel - Question Your Place
Europe - Firebox
Evocation - Illusions of Grandeur
Fatal Smile - Welcome to the Freakshow
Fullforce - Broken Dreams
Grand Magus - The Hunt
Graveyard - Endless Night
H.E.A.T - Living on the Run
Hysterica - Breaking the Walls
Katana - Kubilai Khan
Katatonia - The Parting
Lavett - Find Your Purpose
Loch Vostok - Seeker
Machinae Supremacy - Rise of a Digital Nation
Murder Of My Sweet, The - Fallen
Mustasch - It's Never Too Late
Raubtier - Låt Napalmen Regna
ReinXeed - Life Will Find a Way
Renegade Five - This Pain Will Do Me Good
Sabaton - Carolus Rex
Sister Sin - End of the Line
Sparzanza - Legion
Steelwing - Full Speed Ahead!
Therion - Poupée de Cire, Poupée the Son
Tiamat - The Scarred People
Trail Of Murder - Shades of Art
Unleashed - Fimbulwinter
Vintersorg - Istid
Witchcraft - It's Not Because of You


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