Spotify-lista v.20 - KISS bästa utan smink

KISS - Lick It Up
KISS - All Hell's Breakin'Loose
KISS - A Million To One
KISS - Heaven's On Fire
KISS - Thrills In The Night
KISS - King Of The Mountain
KISS - Who Wants To Be Lonely
KISS - Tears Are Falling
KISS - Uh! All Night
KISS - Crazy Crazy Night
KISS - Reason To Live
KISS - Le's Put The X In Sex
KISS - Hide Your Heart
KISS - Forever
KISS - Unholy
KISS - God Gave Rock'N'Roll To You II
KISS - Domino
KISS - Every Time I Look At You
KISS - I Just Wanna
KISS - I Will Be There


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