Spotify-lista v.13 - Låtar från 1994 del 2

Moahni Moahna - The Quest for the Holy Sword
Doctor Butcher - The Chair
Annihilator - Annihilator
Helloween - Where the Rain Grows
Pantera - Slaughtered
Savatage - Handful of Rain
Gehenna - The Shivering Voice of the Ghost
Machine Head - Death Church
Pyogenesis - These Roads
Edge of Sanity - Twilight
Stratovarius - We are the Future
Samael - Till We Meet Again
Bruce Dickinsson - Tears of the Dragon
Mayhem - Funeral Fog
Memento Mori - I Am
Obituary - Final Thoughts
Rotting Christ - Wolfera the Jackal
Slayer - Killing Fields
Solstice - Neither Time Nor Tide
Phlebotomized - Immense Intense Suspense Barricade
Tiamat - Whatever That Hurts
The 3rd and the Mortal - Why So Lonely


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