Bäst just nu - Extreme metal

Dethklok - Bloodbath
Grand Cadaver - True Necrogeny
Exmortus - Mind of Metal
Till The Dirt - Outside the Spiral
Celestial Sanctuary - Biomineralization (Cell Death)
Incantation - Concardat (The Pact)
Orbit Culture - From the Inside
Ringworm - No Solace, No Quarter, No Mercy
Nasty - Heartbreak Criminals
Kataklysm - Bringer of Vengeance
Werewolves - Under the Ground
Temple Of Dread - Asebeia
Urne - Becoming the Ocean
An Autumn For Crippled Children - Where Pain Begins
Crypta - Lord of Ruins
The Crawling - March of the Worm
Signs Of The Swarm - Tower of Torsos
Bloodletter - Blood is Life
Cadaver - Deadly Metal
The Zenith Passage - Lexicontagion
Voivod - Morgöth Tales
Cavalera - Morbid Visions (re-recorded)
Evile - Sleepless Eyes
Avdagata - Purifying Flame
Tryglav - The Redemption


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