Metalcentral Metal Collection #1

Crashdïet - Together Whatever
Denied - Death by a 1000 cuts
H.e.a.t - Back to the rhythm
Queen - Headlong
Saffire - Taming the hurricane
Skid Row - The gang's all here
Nazareth - Strange days
Guns N' Roses - Hard skool
Scorpions - When you know (Where you come from)
Avantasia - The wicked rule the night
Volbeat - Temple of Ekur
Ozzy Osbourne - Patient number 9
Def Leppard - Take what you want
Stratovarius - Survive
D-A-D - Point of view
Leverage - Starlight
Hardcore Superstar - Dreams in red
Manimal - The inevitable end
Art Nation - Ghost town
Eclipse - Run for cover
Nordic Union - In every waking hour
Uriah Heep - Knocking at my door
Alice Cooper - Hurrciane years
Treat - Home of the brave
Iron Maiden - The duellists
HammerFall - State of the W.I.L.D.
Gathering of Kings - Vagabond Rise
Wolf - Dust
Dynazty - Yours
Reckless Love - Prodigal sons

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