Sverige 2020

Amaranthe - Archangel
Ambush - Leave Them to Die
Arctic Rain - Friends
Autumn's Child - Crying for Love
Avatar - A Secret Door
Bloodbound - Bloodheads United
Brothers Of Metal - Powersnake
Candlemass - The Pendulum
Confess - Is It Love
Dark Tranquillity - Phantom Days
Dead Lord - Distance over Time
Denied - Walk You Through Darkness
Desolator - Vaticide
Draconian - Sorrow of Sophia
Dreams Of Avalon - Young Wild Hearts
Dynazty - Presence of Mind
Döda Havet - Atlantis Mitt
Eclipse - Driving One of Your Cars
Eleine - Ava of Death
Falconer - Desert Dreams
Gathering Of Kings - Riders of the Light
H.E.A.T - Come Clean
Horisont - Free Riding
Hulkoff - Ensamvargen
Hällas - Carry On
In Flames - Pinball Map (re-recorded)
In Victory - Reaching Eternity
Johansson, Nils Patrik - Freakshow Superstar
Karlsson's Free Fall, Magnus - All the Way to the Stars (feat. Mike Andersson)
Katatonia - The Winter of Our Passing
Laser Dracul - Ashes and Dust
Lik - Decay
Lion's Share - Killed by Death
Lucifer - Ghosts
Majestica - Ghost of Marley
Mean Streak - Last Nail in the Coffin
Metalite - Hunting High and Low
Märvel - Public School 75
Naglfar - Last Breath of Yggdrasil
Necrophobic - The Infernal Depths of Eternity
Night - Under the Moonlight Sky
Night Flight Orchestra, The - Transmissions
Nonexist - Together We Shall Burn
Palm, Henrik - Nihilist
Paralydium - Finding the Paragon
Perfect Plan - Time for a Miracle
Persuader - The Curse Unbound
Reek - Flesh Golem
Repuked - Fucking Your Fucking Corpse
Rosander, Chris - Don't Look Back
Rotten Mind - City Rats
Sarcator - The Hour of Torment
Saturday's Heroes - I Will Be Right There
Shadowquest - Dr Midnight
Soilwork - The Nothingness and the Devil
Sorcerer - Lamenting of the Innocent
Statues - The Salt
Thundermother - Dog from Hell
Tungsten - King of Shadows
Unguided, The - Stand Alone Complex
Vulkan - Redemption Simulations
Waymaker, The - Kingdom of Heaven
We Sell The Dead - Black Sleep
Wolf - Midnight Hour
Åskväder - Thunderstorm


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