Bäst just nu - Melodic metal

Tungsten - We Will Rise
Raubtier - Bunkern
Crypt Sermon - Key of Solomon
RAM - Blades of Betrayal
Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony - The Time Has Come
Sonata Arctica - Who Failed the Most
Liv Sin - Chapter of the Witch
Visions Of Atlantis - Heroes of the Dawn
Elvenking - Silverseal
Tarja - Dead Promises (feat. Björn "Speed" Strid)
Saint Deamon - Captain Saint D
Freedom Call - Spirit of Daedalus
Twilight Force - Dawn of the Dragonstar
Hammerfall - Dominion
Ardours - Last Moment
Narnia - A Crack in the Sky
Northtale - Higher
Sabaton - The Red Baron
Hollow Haze - Oblivion
Visionatica - The Pharaoh
Turilli/Lione Rhapsody - D.N.A. (Demon and Angel)
Freternia - Reborn
Out Of Order - God is Angry
Paladin - Shoot for the Sun
Idle Hands - Give Me to the Night

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