Spotify-lista v.33 - Bäst just nu

Rage - Serpents in Disguise
Sons of Crom - Black Wings up High
The Lurking Fear - Vortex Spawn
Leprous - From the Flame
Arch Enemy - The World Is Yours
Serious Black - Serious Black Magic
Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep
Portrait - Martyrs
Crimfall - The Last of Stands
Samael - Red Planet
Paradise Lost - Blood and Chaos
Threshold - Small Dakr Lines
Accept - What's Done Is Done
Venom Inc - Forged in Hell
The Haunted - Preachers of Death
Ensiferum - Way of the Warrior
Nocturnal Rites - A Heart as Black as Coal
Enslaved - Storm Son
Orden Ogan - Vampire in Ghost Town
Cradle Of Filth - You Will Know the Lion by His Claw


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