Spotify-lista v.29 - Sverige 2000-2001

Amon Amarth - Masters of War
Arch Enemy - Burning Angel
Backyard Babies - Brand New Hate
Beseech - Manmade Dreams
Clawfinger - Out to Get Me
Dark Tranquillity - The Wonders at Your Feet
Dragonland - The Battle of the Ivory Plains
Entombed - Chief Rebel Angel
Evergrey - The Masterplan
Falconer - Mindtraveller
Godgory - Payback
Hammerfall - A Legend Reborn
Haunted, The - Bury Your Dead
Hellacopters, The - Toys and Flavors
In Flames - Only for the Weak
Insania - The Land of the Wintersun
Katatonia - Teargas
Last Tribe - Spellbound
Lost Horizon - Welcome Back
Madrigal - Same Face
Memory Garden - A Long Grey Day
Misery Loves Co. - When Everything Dies
Narnia - The Witch and the Lion
Nocturnal Rites - Afterlife
Nostradameus - One for All, All for One
Opeth - Harvest
Persuader - Fire at Will
Soilwork - Bastard Chain
Sparzanza - Velodrome Home
Steel Attack - Holy Swordsmen
Stormwind - War of Troy
Storyteller, The - Guardians of Kail
Supreme Majesty - Strike Like Thunder
Tad Morose - Servant of the Bones
Tenebre - Harvester of Souls
Therion - Ginnungagap
Thyrfing - Mjölner
Vintersorg - The Enigmatic Spirit
Winterlong - From Heaven to Hell
Zonata - Gate of Fear


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