Spotify-lista v.15 - Feta riff

7dayBinge - 7dayBinge
Twenty Two Hundred - 7x Down
Guy McCoy Tormé - Bitter and Twisted
Black Water Rising - Black Bleeds Through
Year Long Disaster - Cold Killer
The Company Band - Djinn And Pentatonic
Tracer - El Pistolero
Sixty Watt Shaman - Fear Death By Water
Electric Mary - Luv me
Wo Fat - Manchurian Syndrome
Lord Fowl - Moon Queen
The Jelly Jam - Not Today
Blindstone - Rise Above
Firebird - Steamroller
Mountain of Power - Talkin' Bout A Feeling
Shame Club - Transamerica
Iron Claw - What Love Left
Clutch - Can't Stop Progress
Blood Of The Sun - Witching Hour
Point Blank - Tattooed Lady
Montrose - Rock Candy
Fuzz Manta - Motumann
Bloodrock - Melvin Laid An Egg
Thin Lizzy - It's Only Money
Lucifer's Friend - In The Time Of Job
Sir Lord Baltimore - Hell Hound
Leaf Hound - Freelance Fiend
Roadsaw - Dead And Buried
Pentagram - All Your Sins


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